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Telechnics has been providing Sydney with two way radio solutions and telecommunications equipment for over 30 years and growing, including handheld portable radios, mobile radios, on-site and in-plant radio systems and a complete range of services and accessories. As Kenwood’s number one Australian commercial products dealer, and with a full selection of all major brands including Motorola, Nexedge, Icom, Damm and Tait, we can provide any analogue or digital two way radio solution you need. Because we supply the latest equipment backed up by manufacturer’s warranties as well as our own guarantees and professional experience, you’ll always be getting the best products on the market along with everything you need to know in order to fully utilise your new communication systems.

Almost every industry can benefit from our communication systems.

  • Construction: With complete audibility in high-noise environments and hands-free functionality, two way radios bring exceptional safety benefits with quick and effective communication on construction sites.
  • Government: Telechnics has spent years providing government workers in Canberra and Sydney with two way radios. Particularly important for Council rangers, maintenance authorities and anyone else needing quick communication and coordination in public spaces, we have a wide enough range to supply cost effective systems tailored to your requirements. Save money by getting essential functions only, without any unwanted extras.
  • Hospitality: Our experience and cost-effective products make Telechnics the clear choice for hospitality communication systems. But best of all, we also have a full 24 hour maintenance service meaning that whatever happens, we have it covered.
  • Security: Operational two way radios are vital for all security companies. Our tailored systems, 24 hour maintenance, quick repairs and cost effective rentals mean everyone can find what they’re looking for.
  • Retail: It’s a varied and rapidly changing industry, but the need for effective communication remains constant. Telechnics’ wide range of products and services lets you stay abreast of new developments and have a system that’s always up to date with your latest requirements.
  • Industrial: Many industries have unique requirements. Whether it’s waterproofing, full duplex systems, intrinsically safe equipment, advanced electromagnetic shielding or anything else, Telechnics has the technology and range to provide the best possible two way radios.

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Telechnics is based in Sydney, but also services Canberra and the surrounding areas. If you’re in New South Wales rural areas or Sydney, and looking for professional two way radios, accessories, repairs, regular maintenance or any other products or services, simply contact us online or call (02) 9644 3422 

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